Vision, Mission, & Core Values


To be recognized as the premier dental practice in our market.


To create personalized & caring relationships with our patients, team members & our community while maintaining high-quality dental care & to consistently provide excellent customer service, affordability & convenience to our valued patients.

Core Value

Serve People Better

Core Statements

• What’s good for the patient is good for the practice.
• Service is an attitude that permeates our company culture.

How can we better serve our patients, team & our community?

• Persevere, never give up & keep moving forward!
• A consistent “CAN DO” attitude.
• Create raving fans of our company.
• Embrace change & growth!
• Have an attitude of gratitude.

Guiding Tenets

• We will enhance customer service by delivering high-quality & comfortable experiences in a prompt & professional manner.
• We will maintain industry respect & reputation by exceeding expectations.
• We will provide professional growth for our employees & leadership team.
• We will be acknowledged by all our patients & our community as the “provider of choice.”
• We will achieve company success through the clarity of our Vision, Mission, Core Values & Beliefs.

Core Values & Beliefs

• We will always uphold the highest standards of ethical integrity throughout the entire organization.
• We will require complete honesty in everything we do.
• We will take personal accountability in any commitments we make & take responsibility for our performance or actions.
• We are fiscally responsible. We guard & conserve the company’s resources with at least the same or better vigilance that we would use to guard & conserve our own personal resources.
• Delinquency is NOT an option.
• We will encourage an open & transparent environment, constantly learn & be receptive to self-critique & new ideas in order to facilitate growth & improvement in our company.
• We insist on giving our best effort in everything we undertake. We recognize the vast difference between “good mistakes” (best effort, bad result) & “bad mistakes” (sloppiness or lack of effort).
• We believe that competition brings out the best in all of us.
• We will strive for continual improvement of our practice systems & processes. In all dealings with both our patients & fellow team members, we will aim to be friendly, courteous, fair & compassionate.
• We believe in enhancing the patient experience for every patient we have the privilege to care for in our practice.
• We endeavor to enjoy work while providing worthwhile & substantive contributions to society.
• Work is an important part of life—it should be challenging, fulfilling & fun!

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